Hi guys !!!

My name is Mickaël - 23 YO Boy who lives in France (Paris)

i LOVE Movies, Music and I'm a TV Shows aDDICT ... I met some stars that I love and i love my friends <3 Dancing, singing, having fun, starbucks ...

Enjoy life ! Be who you R and if haters are not happy F*** them !!!

♫ On serait juste Toi et Moi, près d’ici ou là-bas. Sans règles dignes et sans foi, quand tu veux on y va. ♫


Have you ever fallen in love like this? #TFIOS

This book <3 #Perfection #TFIOS 

Chouchou J Groff et sa perfection <3 

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You really have one life, and you should live it to the fullest. Live bolder and bigger—love harder. And that’s just why I thought that ‘Louder’ was the perfect title for the album.

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Adèle à faim ! LOL (cc @_Marine__) #BlueIsTheWarmestColor #LaViedAdèle 

Jennifer Lawrence at the Catching Fire premieres in London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome and Paris

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Putain j&#8217;ai tellement ri&#160;! #Twilight Pensée pour @Choupine et @GwenRichet&#160;! 

Putain j’ai tellement ri ! #Twilight Pensée pour @Choupine et @GwenRichet ! 

Powerful Movie &lt;3 #BlueIsTheWarmestColor 

Powerful Movie <3 #BlueIsTheWarmestColor